3d DCA Watch -- Let's Return to The Poseidon Adventure!

When the world is going to crap, it's often constructive to reflect on the original Poseidon Adventure and the multitude of life lessons it offers.

Critical to the philosophical themes rampant in that (insane) movie classic is an ongoing debate regarding faith vs faith (plus action), and a related debate between deference to authority and the need to engage in critical thinking contrary to the dictates of that authority, popular opinion, and conventional wisdom.

Start at 3:02 here (though the entire segment is priceless).

The world needs positive action, kiddos.

To provide us with that much-needed jolt of bright sunshiny happiness, the bunker has swooped in on a quiet Wednesday to remind us they are still the Lords of Flatbush that flat highway with lots of developments nearby.

Wait a sec -- the bunker has gone 100% -- six for six -- all civil opinions!

They must be exhausted.

This is truly shocking -- still -- after 1204 straight opinions on this topic -- no one really knows how to cleanly and easily collect on a proposal for settlement.

Dear anonymous judge the Resplendent Ones refuse to name -- take a hint, wink wink!



  1. Why not name the judge? Isn't the name of the judge usually just below the caption? I don't get that ...

  2. Good job SFL, that's why we are here.

  3. @10:08 am, in my longtime reading of wednesday 1045am opinions, the 3rd uses discretion to omit trial judge name, in motions to disqualify and other awkward motions impugning the trial judge, unless they are calling out the trial judge by name, see rosemary usher jones for example. I recommend everyone going to the miami dade docket and checking out the motion to disqualify/recuse, the judge's husband has a nice little niche practice going where he is assigned the claim from client.

    SFL: I had the exact same, take a hint lady, thought.


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