Dear Florida Supreme Court: OMG.

Hi it's Friday be happy yada yada yada but what about this:
When the sun goes down Jan. 7, 2019, Florida’s governor will be Rick Scott, and Barbara Pariente, Peggy Quince and R. Fred Lewis will almost certainly be justices on the state Supreme Court.
When the sun comes up Jan. 9, all four will be out of office. Scott, who is term-limited, will have handed off his duties to Florida’s next governor — whoever that may be. The three justices’ terms will be over as well, and all three are past the mandatory retirement age.
But what happens on Jan. 8? Scott says he intends to fill those three vacancies on his way out the door. A coalition of citizen groups headed by Florida’s League of Women Voters says he doesn’t have that authority — a position seemingly validated by voters, who rejected a constitutional amendment three years ago that would have clearly put the decision in Scott’s hands.
So, my fancy Federalist friends who swill chardonnay and eat nice whores de vores at the Bankers Club , or whatever, but then complain about The Black One and "bitter guns/religion/arugula" -- you guys know what I mean?

It's hypocritical, man -- what happened to strict constructionism, originalism, and basic conservative legal principles?

The Hyman abides.

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  1. Be careful what you wish for....
    1. Scott's judicial appointments have been above average. He seems to favor mainstream lawyers who have government experience and are non ideological.
    2. In all likelihood, the next governor will be a Republican unless there is a hurricane that destroys every watering hole and golf course north of Palm Beach County and with it 90% of the white male population of Florida.
    3. There will be huge pressure on the new governor, via the Federalist Society, to appoint conservatives.
    4. There is nothing wrong with this. It is simply politics but having Scott stack the deck on the way out the door is really not such a bad thing, considering.

  2. 6:52, you have just made an "ends justify the means" argument. In a society of laws, the ends cannot justify the means. Sorry. That is the principle difference between a society of laws and basically everything else.


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