Spence to World: Enough with Winn Dixie.

Let me make sure I understand the fact scenario, drawn from easily less than half-listening to Spence's lengthy dissertation:

1. Guy enters and exits Winn Dixie several times.
2. Legal standard is whether premises are "reasonably safe."
3. Winn Dixie sell giant buckets of unrefrigerated pickled pig's lips, feet, and various other dead animal parts!

4. I hereby move for summary judgment because that's pretty disgusting and there's no way eating pickled lips out of a jar in South Florida could ever be considered "reasonably safe" -- and I know how crazy South Florida juries can be!

5. Case over, don't go to Winn Dixie a bunch of times in one day, also forget Publix they don't seem to be all that nice.



  1. I'll be the first to admit that people have told me I have a peculiar palette, for instance I like pineapples on my pizza & my choice of drink in the morning is a Diet Coke (my preferred choice of caffeine) but pig's lips??? EWWWWWWWW!


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