3d DCA Plus Balding Aging Broken Down Male Lawyer Watch!

This is important!

A random two second Google-ectomy has revealed that it remains a debatable issue in the Age of Donald Trump whether men should still open doors for women.

Here's proof I know a lot about this subject.

(I promise to share the article headlines immediately without reading with all my Facebook friends who I already know disagree with me -- that way we can really argue!)

Evidently as a 64-year old former second-string high school lineman frat buddy Dorito-snacking football and grill out every weekend brew-ha downing cigar-chomping caught a small fish once a long time ago red meat-eating single-malt straight up whiskey-swilling lame Godfather quoting virile example of the American Dream yet also testosterone-declining heavily stressed and depressed twice divorced severely overweight male arthritic two hip operations and still favor the right side inflammatory diabetic aging running out of money male supervising partner at some corporate lawyer mill, you're supposed to not immediately run over and pick up that empty trial box for that superfit "hot" 27-year old Cross-fitting, Spartan-running, marathoner new associate who you only take with you to court so she can watch how great you think you are.

What could be wrong with this picture?

Perhaps a distinction can be drawn between what we should aspire to in general as a society for civilized behavior -- always open doors for others, help others with boxes who are actually in need of assistance, let the person cut in on that stupid merge on 95, you know that sort of thing.

But then in a professional context perhaps we should be more mindful of how it appears sometimes, maybe all the time.

Or we can just agree that it doesn't matter because we live in South Florida and nobody does anything close to being nice to each other anyways...

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